<p>Higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned purchases thanks to rapid checkout</p>

Higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned purchases thanks to rapid checkout

<p>Simple integration as a payment link</p>

Simple integration as a payment link

<p>Each point of contact allows visitors to place an order</p>

Each point of contact allows visitors to place an order

<p>Any payment method can be integrated</p>

Any payment method can be integrated

<p>Combined processing of payments, vouchers, bonus points, eGoods and coupons via a single, integrated API – online and at the POS</p>

Combined processing of payments, vouchers, bonus points, eGoods and coupons via a single, integrated API – online and at the POS

<p>Convenient order process with no complicated data entry</p>

Convenient order process with no complicated data entry

Smart Checkout Payment
Crosschannel Click&Collect
Online appointment
Flexible integration
Smart Checkout Payment

During the initial order process, a one-time check-in records the customer’s e-mail address, date of birth, address details and payment method, and a cookie is saved.

Future orders using the Smart Checkout will not require the customer’s details to be entered again.

As such, the customer only needs a single click to complete the order.

Payment using Smart Checkout can be made by a choice of direct debit (SEPA mandate), credit card, invoice/bank transfer, pre-payment, PayPal, instant payment or secucard.

Your customers can select a preferred payment method with no risk for you – thanks to the SEPA payments guarantee and payment against invoice.

Smart Checkout can also be used with AboCommerce.

Crosschannel Click&Collect

Click&Collect allows your customers to order online and collect their goods from your store – they simply need to select a collection time and their preferred branch location.

Payment can be made online or in store.

Each time an order is placed, you will receive an e-mail notification as the retailer, or your credit card terminal will print a note with the order details, collection time, and the collection code.

Once your customer collects the order from your premises, or when the goods are delivered to the customer, our terminal app allows you to print out the receipt directly from the terminal, allowing you to confirm delivery of the goods with a signature from your customer.

The rapid turnaround time for purchases and the short waiting times for deliveries, will increase your customer satisfaction, enable you to manage peak demand more effectively, and provide your employees with more time to advise in-store customers.

Present your product range online to your customers to tap unrealised demand, while ensuring that customers know whether a product is available and in stock, avoiding the disappointment of wasted store visits.

Online appointment

Our datepicker provides your customers with the option to set up appointments online for your services.

The datepicker is integrated into the order process and can be configured to reflect your individual requirements with configurable times, appointment durations, etc.

All appointments that are set up online are automatically saved to your calendar.

Payment can be made online or in-store with cash or card. Your customers gain the ability to set up an appointment at any time – even when your business is closed.

In addition, you can offer any cancelled time slots to existing customers at short notice. You simultaneously save time and money, as you and your employees can focus on their workload rather than setting up appointments over the phone.

Flexible integration

The Smart Checkout is simplicity itself to use with social media, landing pages, QR codes and NFC.

For a pre-defined shopping basket, you use our retailer frontend, SecuOffice, to create a shopping basket, entering the item description, price and order quantity.

A link (URL) to the shopping basket is then generated. This link can then be used with landing pages, e-mails, SMS messaging, social media posts, tweets, QR codes and NFC tags.

Just one click on the generated link opens the Smart Checkout, enabling customers to purchase the predefined shopping basket without being redirected to the homepage or similar destinations.

Should the customer need to select products, quantities or sizes in the online store, the integration may involve either dynamic linking via our interface, or simply by generating a form on the online product page.

Clicking on the generated link or submitting the form starts the Smart Checkout process, enabling the customer to submit the order with just one more click.

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