Payment knowledge pays off

Apple Pay and Google Pay: a powerful duo for online shops

Increase conversion and reduce costs with wallets

More and more online shops around the world are accepting secure payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. And for good reason: online retailers can increase their conversion rate through the simple payment process. They often even save on transaction fees.

Apple Pay und Google Pay auf dem Smartphone
Wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay have advantages for online retailers and customers alike.

Simple checkout = higher sales

Paying by smartphone is quick and convenient - not only at the POS, but also when shopping online. To pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay on websites or in apps, all it takes is a click on the corresponding button and - depending on the smartphone - quick authentication with PIN, FaceID or fingerprint. Mobile wallet users therefore do not have to re-enter their payment or delivery details each time and can authorise payments very quickly and easily. This is well received: Those who accept Apple Pay or Google Pay increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of cancelled purchases - both good for sales!

Security for shoppers and shops

Apple Pay and Google Pay are so-called wallets, i.e. digital purses. Customers store one or more debit or credit cards in them virtually as tokens. This means they do not have to disclose their real card details when paying in online shops. According to Apple and Google, comprehensive internal identity checks even lead to particularly accurate risk assessments: Transactions via wallets therefore have to be declined less frequently than transactions carried out solely by card - another big plus for conversions and customer satisfaction.

Unlimited range, manageable fees

Millions of customers around the world regularly pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Acceptance is therefore a must, especially for online shops with an international customer base. Omnichannel providers that already accept mobile payments at the POS should also offer their customers this option online. The costs are manageable: neither Apple nor Google charge merchants or their customers for using the wallets. Merchants only pay the usual transaction fees for card payments. These are usually lower than those of pure online payment services such as PayPal In Germany in particular, many customers have debit cards stored in their wallets. This also reduces costs for merchants: the discount for Visa or Mastercard debit cards is lower than that for the corresponding credit cards.

Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay: This is how it works

If you want to offer your customers the benefits of the leading wallets when paying in your online shop or app, you should turn to a payment service provider such as secupay. With secupay, you can easily optimise your payment mix and integrate the desired payment methods into the checkout via a plugin (Google Pay) or API interface (Google Pay and Apple Pay). For secupay customers who already accept Visa or Mastercard, Google and Apple Pay are available immediately after activation.

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