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Purchase on account with secupay

The invoice payment method is not only convenient for customers but is also undoubtedly the most secure payment method. This is because the customer usually pays only 14 days after receiving the goods and thus has the opportunity to properly check their purchase. It also avoids any risk of falling victim to a fraudulent seller.

Conversely, this payment method requires a high degree of trust on the part of the seller. This is because the seller bears the risk that customers will also be willing to pay for the goods received. secupay takes over this risk with the secured purchase on account, secupay assumes this risk regardless of whether you deliver the goods to consumers (B2C) or companies (B2B).

secupay payment process: Invoice
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Advantages of the secupay invoice

  • Payment guarantee upon request
  • Risk and credit checks 
  • 1-click payment in store modules and via API

Process of a purchase on account transaction

Order process
A credit check is performed after selecting the payment method secupay invoice and transmitting the transaction and customer data. If the result is positive, the customer is directly redirected to the store's order confirmation page.
1-click checkout

If a customer has already created a customer account for your online store, you can submit the transaction to us with the data stored with you and thereby complete the purchase without further input.

Invoice payment
In most store modules and via API, we deliver payment links and QR codes when creating the invoice or delivery, which enables easy payment via direct debit, credit card or the banking app.

Mixed baskets and split payments

We support mixed baskets, so you can submit a transaction to us with goods from different vendors. In addition, marketplace fees and/or affiliate shares can also be booked. We then split the outgoing payments according to the transmitted values.
secupay payment methods for POS & eCommerce

Offer your customers the right payment method and increase your sales conversions - both in stationary - and online retail.
For e-commerce merchants, secupay offers store modules and plug-ins for the six most important payment methods. We offer additional payment methods via API integration.

secupay supports all relevant payment methods.

We will find the right mix for you and your customers!

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