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Card readers: Smart and flexible with Android

EC devices using the Android operating system – simple handling with the option of adding innovative apps to terminals.

As easy to use as a smartphone: Mobile card readers such as the PAX A77 smart EC terminal support all common cashless payment methods. New features can be easily added with the appropriate business apps.
As easy to use as a smartphone: Mobile card readers such as the PAX A77 smart EC terminal support all common cashless payment methods. New features can be easily added with the appropriate business apps.

Smart card readers with familiar touchscreen operation

Mobile card terminals based on the reliable Android operating system combine the best of both worlds: They are as easy to operate as smartphones – via the familiar touchscreen interface. Unlike mobile phones, however, smart terminals are optimized for professional use in day-to-day business and are therefore as secure and robust as classic EC devices. Another advantage: The smart card readers can be enhanced with apps for various business applications. For example, using additional mobile applications, the EC device can be upgraded to a brand ambassador or ensure greater customer loyalty and additional sales.

App store for EC devices

Without the right apps, smartphones would not be so smart. New features that can be effortlessly installed on smartphones appear in the app store almost daily. Similarly, companies can add innovative additional features to their Android card readers in the CCV Store. CCV, the smart-terminal manufacturer, is pioneering the creation of a secure app store for mobile EC devices. The range of tested and innovative business apps is continuously being expanded. Thanks to the right apps, smart terminals can therefore be continuously adapted to changing customer needs and new digital business models.

Development edge with Android

If your desired application is not yet available in the store – no problem: Thanks to Android, innovative ideas can be implemented much more easily. The standard mobile operating system makes in-house developments much easier. Thanks to Android Studio, app developers can access their familiar, user-friendly developer tool complete with comprehensive and publicly available documentation. This allows them to program individual additional features in a familiar environment and give their company a competitive edge. Here are some examples of such business applications:

  • EC devices as brand ambassadors: Give your EC terminal your individual look with your background and logo through an additional application.
  • Loyalty apps: Enable your customers to collect loyalty points or use vouchers as prepaid cards at the smart card reader directly.
  • Mobile additional cash register: Use the smart terminal with an app as a digital cash register.


Checkout app: Mobile cashiering made easy

Through its "Cashreg" checkout app, payment service provider secupay offers companies the option of using smart card readers as a completely mobile checkout. Customers can assemble shopping baskets made up of different items and pay directly at the EC device – including a digital receipt or, optionally, a printed receipt. Possible areas of use for such an application include:

  • Checkout on the floor: sales staff can conclude their consultation with checkout directly, saving customers the hassle of queuing at the checkout.
  • Temporary checkout: At trade fairs, markets, sporting events or concerts, or in temporary pop-up stores, mobile EC devices replace a stationary cash register.
  • In-vehicle cashiering: Thanks to the 4G interface, you can also offer all your customers their preferred cashless payment options on the road, for example in taxis and delivery or service vehicles.

As a cost-effective additional checkout, mobile checkout solutions reduce costs for additional checkout hardware at peak times, save checkout time and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile and modern design

Depending on the usage scenario, you can choose from particularly lightweight, mobile card readers that are comparable to conventional smartphones in terms of size, weight and display, for example, the PAX A77 from CCV. The PAX A920 portable EC device from CCV also has an integrated receipt printer and is therefore somewhat larger and heavier. Please note: Both versatile variants can be used without cables thanks to powerful batteries and common communication interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G) and can process chip and magnetic cards as well as contactless payments via NFC or barcode and QR code. Alternatively, both model variants are available in white and thus blend harmoniously into any environment – for example, in medical practices, cosmetic studios or designer stores.

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Fraud attempts are currently in circulation in which consumers and entrepreneurs are being asked to transfer money to a third-party account by misusing secupay AG as a payment service provider.

It is pretended that money is transferred through a secupay escrow account.

This is currently occurring in connection with high-priced goods (e.g. the purchase of motorhomes). If you have any doubts about the reliability of the account, do not make any payments under any circumstances and contact us by e-mail to [email protected].

The matter has already been reported under criminal law.

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