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PayPal payment with secupay

Paypal is not only a secure but also a fast payment method – for both merchants and customers. PayPal Buyer Protection protects the customer in case of non-delivery by the merchant.

We also offer subscription management for PayPal via our API and support stakeholder payments or split payout and mixed baskets.

secupay payment process: Paypal
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Advantages of Paypal payment

  • All payments via API 
  • Uniform reporting in secuOffice
  • Stakeholder payments or payment splitting
  • Support of mixed baskets

Mixed baskets and split payments

We support mixed baskets, so you can submit a transaction to us with goods from different vendors. In addition, marketplace fees and/or affiliate shares can also be booked. We then split the outgoing payments according to the transmitted values.

Pay securely

Payment methods for online shops

For e-commerce merchants, secupay offers store modules and plug-ins for the six most important payment methods. Your conversion rate is the focus of our work. We offer additional payment methods via API integration.

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