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bettervest GmbH

Sustainable investing: bettervest offers secure crowd investing with secupay


bettervest GmbH


bettervest operates a crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects around the world. secupay processes the deposits, withdrawals, interest payments and repayments.

bettervest GMBH

The challenge

bettervest's motto is to do good with small amounts starting from €50. Investors can finance sustainable projects via the crowd-investing platform and benefit from attractive returns with a clear conscience. The onboarding of new project partners and investors is subject to strict legal requirements. The same applies to the processing of complex payment flows. If a project does not reach the set funding threshold, the deposits must be refunded to the investors. If the project comes to fruition as planned, interest and principal payments will accrue regularly during the term.

The solution and cooperation

secupay supports bettervest in all phases of a project as a reliable partner for legally compliant and secure payment transactions. Each new project partner is identified in accordance with the GWG (Money Laundering Act). Investors must also complete a one-time registration before they can invest in projects. secupay collects deposited funds in an insolvency-proof escrow account until the funding threshold is reached. Investments can be made by bank transfer. The payment is made as soon as the amount determined by the project initiator is reached. secupay automatically calculates brokerage fees due and credits them to bettervest. If the funding threshold is not reached, secupay ensures that the investment amounts are repaid in full in a timely manner. During the term, secupay assumes the payment of interest and redemption amounts to the investors.

"Investing money is a matter of trust. Through the secure and legally compliant processing of investment amounts, secupay contributes to our already having been able to refer more than 5,400 impact investors to sustainable crowd-investment projects." Marilyn Heib, Managing Director, bettervest GmbH.


About bettervest GmbH

bettervest is an online investment platform for sustainable investments that contribute to a liveable future for people and the planet. Private investors who want to do good with their money and earn a return at the same time can participate in sustainable and future-oriented impact projects around the globe – be it biological wastewater treatment in Kenya, solar mini-grids in India or energy-efficient building refurbishments in Germany.

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